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R&D Team
  Saiwei Solar Technology Group formed an Engineering and Technical Committee led by 13 experts and scholars from home and abroad, including Yitai Qian , Deren Yang and Xianhu Chen who are academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Academician Deren Yang , an expert on silicon materials in photovoltaic industry, was appointed as director of the Engineering and Technical Committee.
  Besides, Saiwei Solar Technology Group has a group of young scientists with doctoral or master's as its basis, which together forms a strong technical R & D team. There are more than 150 scientific research personnel, 100 fixed personnel, of which average age is 36 years old; Among them, 51 personnel with bachelor's degree or above, 3 doctorates, 10 master's degree; 11 senior professional titles; 32 intermediate professional titles.
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