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R&D Achievements
l ◆ Since the establishment of its R&D Center, Saiwei Solar Technology Group has undertaken a total of 114 national, provincial and municipal science and technology projects, of which 12 have passed the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements and 5 have won provincial and ministerial awards for scientific and technological progress. it's core product, "High efficiency Silicon Wafer", has been identified as a national key new product; Saiwei Solar Technology Group applied for 322 patents, of which 200 were invention patents; 214 were authorized patents, of which 106 were invention patents, including 4 US patents and 1 Korean patent.
l ◆Hosting or participating in the formulation of 18 international standards, 9 national standards and 1 industrial standard;
l ◆Winning 1 National Technological Advancement Second Award; 2 Chinese Excellent Patent Awards; 1 Jiangxi Technological Advancement First Award and 3 Second Awards; 1 Jiangxi Technolgoical Innovation Second Award; 1 Jiangxi Excellent Patent Award; and several Xinyu Science -Technology Progress First, Second Awards.
l ◆Owning 204 Patents declaration, including 97 invention patents (including 2 American invention patents and 1 Korean invention patent), 105 patents for utility models, 2 appearance design patents and 1 computer software copyright.
l ◆Undertaking 121 national, provincial and municipal science and technology  plan projects, which includes 1 national 863 plan project, 1 key project of national natural science fund, 2 national Torch Programs and 1 project of state key new product plan;
◆Recognized as a national “high-tech enterprise”, In 2016, awarded as the “national intellectual property demonstration enterprise”; its key products-“high-efficiency Wafers” are identified as the “national key new products”.

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