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Development Strategies
 Shengquan Gan, President & CEO of Saiwei Solar Technology Group, has repeatedly said that renewed Saiwei Solar Technology Group is accelerating the transformation from an asset-heavy manufacturing enterprise to a new asset-light technology enterprise. "Which means on the one side, the company attaches great importance to its intangible assets such as brand value, patent property rights, intellectual resources, corporate culture and so on; on the other side, the company should be dominated by science and technology. Building an asset-light technology enterprise is our basic business strategy, development path and way of revitalizing the new Saiwei Solar Technology Group.
Renewed Saiwei Solar Technology Group will focus on building an asset-light technology enterprise.
Attaching great importance on technological R&D and products innovation , focusing on the technological R&D and innovation of wafer, solar cell, module and solar plant
Taking the domestic and foreign market as its guidance, establishing the technology innovation system which unifies the PV industry, university and research together, enhancing the close union of scientific technologies and the production. 
Actively cooperating with research institutions at home and abroad, taking advantage of its technologies, resources and equipment to provide comprehensive technical services and resource support for the photovoltaic industry-university-research collaboration platforms established together by Saiwei Solar Technology Group and its partners.
Actively advocating environmental protection, promoting the development of circular economy, striving to build the company into a green environmental protection company.
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