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1.Social Insurance Benefits
Pension Insurance, Medical Insurance, Unemployment Insurance, Occupational Injury Insurance, Serious Illness Supplementary Medical Insurance, Employer Liability Insurance, etc. 
2.Housing Welfares
Monthly payment of  Housing Provident Fund; Free accommodation for non-local employees; the introduced high-level talent is able to have an apartment  to live in industrial park.
3.Paid Leave Welfares
National Statutory Holidays, Marriage Leave, Maternity and Family Planning Leave, Annual Leave, Occupational Injury Leave, Bereavement Leave, Paid Sick Leave, etc. 
4.Employee care Welfares
Working meals, telephone subsidies, consolation money (marriage, childbirth, hospitalization, bereavement, etc.), heatstroke prevention subsides, Fee for women's sanitation and hygiene, birthday benefits, holiday consolation money / gifts (Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Day, Spring Festival,  International Working Women's Day), and arrange free medical examinations, provide labor safety protection benefits,etc. 
5.Other Welfares
Improve the educational training and advanced learning, provide good working condition, create a good corporate culture atmosphere, award a variety of honorary titles to outstanding staff and workers,etc.
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